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Updated 6/13/97.

Here we are.

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because No-one cares!

However, a wise man once told me:
"Everything you need to know is in the Daily Racing Form."

""Papagallo's 'La Mantilla'" by Jorge Luis Borges"
by Adam Brower
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The Story

We lived

on this rooftop in Bohemia before the ineluctable call of the generations summoned forth our Zygote.

Here's our baby Beowulf at 2 days of age. He's a fine lad, but small and yellow. We considered naming him Zygote.

Here's little Zygote at the celebration of the birth of an obscure reb.
Here's me.

Here's she.

Here are the three of us.

Here we live and love.

El was here in the front yard.

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